Vegetarian 3 Bean Chili

Chili! I'll take it any way I can get it! buttttt I gotta say I don't know if I'll ever stray away from this recipe, it turned out that good! You don't miss the meat at all! You can use any mix of beans that you like. I opt for organic canned beans as well as tomatoes. 




1 green bell pepper

1 sweet onion

4 garlic cloves

1 can chickpeas

1 can kidney beans

1 can pinto beans

1 can fire roasted tomatoes

1 can chopped tomatoes

1 can tomato sauce

1/4 cup ketchup

1 1/2 cans water

2 Tbs. chili powder

1 Tbs. garlic powder

1 1/2 Tbs. cumin



Sauté pepper, onion, and garlic in 2-3 Tbs. olive oil. Add in all spices except cinnamon, and drained beans. Sauté for a few minutes. Add in tomatoes and ketchup. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 15-20 minutes. To finish add in 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon